The Opulent Mens Club

Leather Cardholder


This design enables you to use one hand for simple and fast access to your cards by adding an easy pull lever at the bottom of the holder that instantly pops-out your cards in an organized format.  This will eliminate the need to have to fumble through your wallet every time to look for the right debit card, credit card, or even your ID and is slim enough to fit in your pocket without the bulky apperance.

CARDHOLDER SIZE: 4" Tall 2 1/2" Wide

MATERIAL FOR CARDHOLDER: Vegan Leather with Iron metal base.

FEATURES FOR CARDHOLDER: Fits up to 5 cards. Contains an easy-pull lever at the bottom of the holder instantly pops-out your cards in an organized format. Gold Metal Logo Design. Includes Presentation Box and Dust Bag.

EXPRESS SHIPPING:  3-5 Business Days 

STANDARD SHIPPING: 5-8 Business Days


Please see our shipping policy for more information. 


How many cards can it fit?

UP TO FIVE CARDS: Please do not try and fit more than five cards in the holder. The holder is not designed to carry more than five cards and the easy-pull lever will be at risk of damage due to the added stress required to pop-up more than five cards once pulled.

Is the cardholder waterproof?

NO: Please do not get it wet or submerge it in water. You'd not only damage the material but your cards may also get damaged as well. 

Do you have a refund/return policy? 

YES: We offer a 30-Day Refund/Return policy for each product purchased. Please see our Refund & Return Policyfor more information. 

Do you have a warranty for your products? 

YES: We offer a one-year warranty for all products. We will replace your product if it becomes defective within one year. The warranty includes any manufacturing defects. Please see our Refund & Return Policy for more information.