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'Apex' - Designer Backpack

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Pre-order it on January 23rd.  Bags expected to arrive between February 14th-21st and will ship upon arrival.  Black 'Apex' starting at $110. Gold 'Apex' starting at $125.

Every male wants to be respected as an “alpha” but how many actually have the accessories to match that alpha state?

It’s like a lion with no teeth or claws. Not very scary or considered an "Apex Predator" anymore, is it?

Your new designer bag will be the teeth and claws of that lion which gives the beast the masculinity and alpha state it so rightfully claims.

With respect to the lion, AKA "King of the Jungle" there can be no other name for this bag but 'Apex'. The only thing that's missing is you. 

Complete the alpha look. 

  • 18" Tall 5" Wide
  • Vegan Leather with Peach Velvet interior lining
  • 3D Revit design 
  • Two interior pockets for wallets, pens, chargers, etc.
  • Padded laptop sleeve with branded leather pull tab
  • Durable Top Handle
  • Adjustable metal buckles
  • Gold Printed Logo on the rear of the bag
  • Carry-On Approved  


Is the bag waterproof?

While leather can be considered waterproof, we do not recommend submerging it in water or getting it wet as it can possibly cause damage to your bag over time. Please see our Leather Care page for more information. 

How long does shipping take with this preorder? 

The bags will be set to arrive between February 14th-21st and will ship upon arrival. We will be offering an Express option (3-5 Business Days) and Standard (5-8 Business Days) not including weekends or holidays. Processing and handling can also take 1-2 business days. During processing and handling, we treat the bag and stuff it to minimize any creases/folds and have it ready to wear upon arrival.