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Leather Care

Protect your investment.

While leather bags can be more costly, good-quality leather bags can keep their shape for years if you care for them properly. Proper care prevents the leather from drying out and cracking, and it protects it from excessive moisture that can cause the skin to swell or mildew. 

Handle leather handbags with clean hands. 

Leather bags and accessories are susceptible to absorbing grease and oils. To remove stains, grease and oils, wipe the surface of your leather good with a soft, damp, natural-colored cloth, but be careful not to use too much water because leather takes time to dry. If the stain remains, contact a professional cleaner. 

Moisturize your bag with a leather conditioner to keep it supple.

To restore and protect your leather goods, you can apply a leather conditioner to your product once every 6 months. Make sure it contains natural ingredients within it so the quality of the bag remains the same.

Apply a cleaner specially made for leather.

This “soft soap” is applied using a circular motion and wiped off with a slightly damp cloth so as not to clog the pores of the fabric. 

Remove stains as soon as you notice them.

Organic stains from food or blood can often be removed with chalk powder. Crush white chalk, let it sit on the stain overnight and dust it off with a clean cloth.

Stuff your unused bag with bubble wrap to restore and hold its shape.

Store your leather bags in a dust bag or natural-fabric pillowcase. You can wrap the chrome or metal parts — a chain handle, for example — in clean, acid-free tissue paper. If you’ve just cleaned the bag, allow it to air dry completely before storage. If you’re storing long-term, ease open the buckles and straps so impressions are released. This helps to avoid rubbing or permanent creases in unwanted areas.

To reduce, or, minimize any creases on your bag(s) you can iron it.

Before you switch the iron on, remove all the water from it to avoid damaging the leather. Also, make sure that it’s at its lowest setting. Whatever you do, don’t allow the leather to come into direct contact with steam as it will be extremely counter-productive to reaching your desired result. Next, place a soft material like cotton or linen over the wrinkled area before pressing the iron to it. Take your time and use a back and forth motion to move the iron all over the affected area while gently pressing it down. Little by little, you’ll start to notice the wrinkles come off in an even fashion. It may take a while, but your patience will be rewarded.